Banking and Finance

AA2IT has a core team to keep pace with this vast industry and high demand of Finance Professionals. We understand the client’s needs and help secure the best candidate for each role. We have dedicated teams to support this domain and help share best practices and partner with you. We have specialization on all levels of jobs be it entry level or mid to senior jobs in banking, such as corporate investments, risk, corporate banking, Funding and financial services, insurance and lending. We assist many of the large firms in the industry with helping them resolve their most challenging issues in banking and financial staffing needs.


Contingent Staffing

We have developed a robust database of competent candidates based on industry standards, that will assist you with identifying the best-qualified candidates who meet your business’ requirements and share an assurance to fulfill all the expectations of our client organizations.
When you are associated with AA2IT, we provide a customized solution to fulfill all your requirements. Whether you are looking for few resources for a short-term engagement, expert consulting or end to end project deliverable. We have solution to your needs.
Contact us for strategic, transactional, operational, technical and Healthcare, finance and manufacturing professionals.

  • Minority Certification
  • Pre-qualified Candidates
  • Extensive Talent Pool
  • Best Fit Resources
Our focus is on building strong alliance. We value our customers and serve them as per the needs.

Direct Hire

We know certain positions are sensitive to the organization due to various factors like nature of job, experience or financial implications.
For such positions we provide direct hire assistance to our clients. AA2IT provides end to end solution to identify the best talent for hybrid, remote or onsite positions. We use our best practices and time efficient approach to deliver the Direct Hire Solution. AA2IT also pursues the passive candidates who are not actively looking, this helps to expand our talent pool and improvise our talent pool.


AA2IT provides service as an extension to client Company’s Internal Hiring function. This approach extremely enhances the hiring process and reduces the turn around time significantly. This model is scalable and can be customized depending on the business needs. Using this approach we provide the necessary Team, Technology and Framework to deliver the client’s specific needs.