User Experience


Understand the user needs and expectations with various research methods and tools. Identifying and analysis various sources of the customer, through qualitative and quantitative research approaches- interviews participant observation, personas. Identifying conscious and unconscious needs of the users. Eventually the robust testing techniques.

Customer experience (CX) design

Understand and Identify Customer Requirements between products and its users. Perform data collection and analysis of the data and provide enhanced customer experience for the end-user. Thereafter we perform the Impact Analysis of the product changes for improved customer satisfaction. Through the process we prioritize customer experience activities to maximize their effectiveness.

User experience (UX) design

Understand user expectations and develop an intuitive product to meet their needs. Here we perform thorough User Experience competitor research and analysis and we analyze this with customer user analysis. Share prototype solutions and final testing prototypes with the end users for final approvals

User interface (UI) design

Create a product interface your end-users will love–intuitive, flexible, and highly usable. We Identify latest and effective technologies and frameworks for the expected solution. AA2IT has in house experienced Graphic design team and we help the users with better decision making with Prototype user interface. AA2IT adheres to Industry’s best practice approach for UI design that it help users in effective validation and implementation of the requirements on the target platform