Cloud Services

We assist Enterprises to accelerate their Public Cloud adoption across cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP. We enable this acceleration through the following services.

  1. Data Center Migration Services
  2. Application Migration & Modernization Services
  3. Data Migration Services
  4. Enterprise Platform Migration Services
  5. Cloud Managed Services

Data Center Migration Services

We help enterprises shutdown their server rooms and data centers by moving their complete IT infrastructure to the cloud. The need for such migrations can be because of mergers & acquisitions, legacy data center downtime issues, avoiding capital investments in upgrading data centers, terminating third party hosting services, real estate lease termination or sale, and many such reasons.

We undertake data center migration services through a full life-cycle

  1. Assess

    Assess current Data Center Estate

  2. Plan

    Create Migration Plan

  3. Build

    Build Cloud Foundation Infrastructure & Management Tools

  4. Migrate

    Execute phase wise migration of IT Services

  5. Manage

    Handover & Manage Cloud Operations

Application Migration & Modernization Services

We help enterprises migrate and modernize their Applications to the public cloud. We conduct an application assessment exercise to determine the best application migration option depending on the migration program priorities, enterprise strategy and application roadmap.

We support multiple application migration and modernization services

  • Re-Host Application - migrate to Cloud infrastructure without making any changes to the applications and its underlying middleware, database and other software.
  • Re-Platform Application - migrate to use Cloud PaaS services such as database, middleware, containers with zero or minimum application code changes.
  • Re-Factor Application - modernize the application to use Cloud native services and architecture such as serverless event driven architecture and microservices.

Data Migration Services

We help Enterprises migrate homogeneous and heterogeneous data between on-premises and cloud-based file systems, relational databases, data warehouses, NoSQL, big data services, and object storage services.

We support multiple data migration approaches

  • Storage migration - migrate data from on-prem storage systems such as file storage to cloud-based storage services such as object storage or file storage services.
  • Database migration - migrate data from on-prem relational database system to cloud hosted database or cloud-based database-as-a-service platform.
  • Analytics Data migration - migrate from a legacy analytics platform - an enterprise data warehouse such as Teradata or big data platforms like Hadoop, for example - onto a modern cloud data warehouse or data lake like S3, Redshift, Snowflake, etc.
  • Application Data Migration - migrate application related data, such as files and directory structure the application requires to install and run. It also includes storage and database related to the application to be migrated to target storage and database systems.

Enterprise Software Migration Services

We help enterprises migrate and modernize their Enterprise Software such as SAP and Oracle to Cloud. We work with Enterprise Software experts to do an assessment of the on-premise environment and plan the best migration approach based on the Software vendor’s recommendations.

Cloud Managed Services

We help enterprises keep their Applications & IT Services running 24x7 on any Cloud platform. We use AIOps technology for improved Observability, Dependency tracking, Root Cause Correlation and Faster incident resolution. We assist in enabling high levels of Automation with DevOps to ensure application release cycles are faster and drive quicker time-to-market.

We deliver the following capabilities as part of the Cloud Managed Services;

  • AIOps driven Monitoring & Incident Resolution
  • DevOps driven Automation
  • FinOps driven Continuous Cost Optimization
  • SecOps driven Security Operations