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AA2IT is a global firm providing Staffing and IT Solutions. We are headquartered in Texas, delivering successful talent acquisition and technology services. We are a fully digital organization with people centric and technology driven vision.

AA2IT is in the business to make our customers successful. We cover the entire spectrum starting from Strategy to Execution and ultimate delivery of value. There are too many businesses that have solid, well-thought-out strategies that sit in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. Executing on strategy effectively and measuring key performance parameters ensures value creation. We start with your business strategy, align technology strategy, and develop an implementation roadmap that ensures value creation.

We provide specialized customized Staffing and IT Solutions to the fast paced companies in HealthCare, Manufacturing, Finance and Technology Industries.

AA2IT has been successfully delivering value to the Fortune 500 companies in a consistent manner.

AA2IT is a Certified NMSDC Company.

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